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At The Finishing & Associated Trades Equity we believe in going much farther than the obligatory ‘extra mile’ so popular a term anywhere and everywhere.  We believe in ripping up the form sheet when it comes to your average fee charging trade association.  We’re the Trade Equity that loves members; new, old, yesterday’s or indeed tomorrows’ Pioneers.  Our mission is to make our corner of The Construction Industry a more attractive place to be.

More welcoming.  More organised.  More.  Together.

The Finishing & Associated Trades Equity

The Finishing & Associated Trades Equity

We know and firmly believe that we can work together to support each other and move towards a better future.  A better tomorrow.  For us all.  Yes, we have the support one would expect and anticipate from our amazing array of affiliates who unerringly supply members with a level of service and discounts that are the envy of other organisations.

We’re proud of this.  We will continue to build the support & supply chain with passion and gusto to bring our FATE members a full armoury of trade associated weapons.  A  chest of the finest self employed tools one could wish for. Not only this and not the least we as a Trade Equity offer far more.


We offer support.  Support and camaraderie.  Regular interaction socially and on a business platform with the FATE members.  Camaraderie almost akin to being a team of ex military serving together for the greater good.

Immediately you sign up and pay your subscription to join us at The Finishing & Associated Trades Equity you’re insured for life to £15,000.00.  A part of this insurance also covers critical illness.  The full terms of cover can be viewed in the full members area.

Immediately you sign up you’re auto – enrolled to be embraced by our Trade Associated Charity FAST.  This charity serves purpose purely & simply to help look after the well being of the FATE members who may fall on hard times.  We’re proud to say that not only has the FAST charity already raised in excess of £10,000.00 and growing through several events, regular competitions and the sale of branded goods….. It’s also assisted the members with financial, work and mental support too.

As a subcontractor or small or medium business owner you’ll also benefit by having access to a mass of growing highly valuable documents in the members area.  Sign off sheets, Quotation templates, Invoice templates, QA Sheets, Tool Box Talks.  The list goes on.  Remember.


All these  documents are highly associated with the finishing trades within The Construction Industry.

You’ll see on our affiliates page we have many trade associated affiliates now.  Supporting you, our members.  All of these affiliates offer first class service and a level of customer support you’ll go far to find elsewhere.  Many of the affiliates offer special privileges and/or discounts.  They offer this because they’re believers.  Their ethos is one and the same as that here at FATE and they’re happy not only to recognise it but also to support it to the same level.  For the full picture of what the affiliates offer; passwords, access and discount codes?  You know the answer – join now.

We have the following support from within and peripheral to the finishing sector within The Construction Industry.

  • Industry Leading Liability Insurances.
  • Web site Design.
  • Tools and Materials.
  • Health & Safety Support.
  • Credit Checking Services.
  • Bid Writing.
  • Branded Ware.
  • Supported Training and NVQ’s.
  • Tool & Plant Hire.
  • Legal Advice.

Help is here:

How much does all this cost to join The Finishing & Associated Trades Equity? ?  Well.

At just £30.00 for a year it’s on a par with a takeaway treat and a few beers…  Crazy?  Just a measure of our passion for The Construction Industry and our driving ambition to make life a little better for tomorrow for our members throughout the industry.

Join us now for a better tomorrow.

Together WE are Stronger.

One Voice.

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