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Just about every one or every company that’s going somewhere has an action plan.  A plan to expand or embrace certain elements of their work and personal lives.  Perhaps life goals or achievements.  We’re no different here at The Finishing & Associated Trades Equity, in some ways and on some days it feels like we’ve taken on a lot.

As the organisation grows though it should become easier (he says) to tackle a few of the difficult areas within the finishing sector of The Construction Industry.

Together WE are indeed Stronger and together we can achieve a host of improvements, working hard at spreading the word that there is a Trade Organisation right here that cares.

So – we have the following agenda:

  • Build on our existing membership base to grow stronger.
  • Improve of the subcontracting experience within construction.
  • Provide access to accurate advice and information within our sector.
  • To call a stop to contractors CITB & Illicit Deductions.
  • Retention – to address the retention system within construction.
  • To further introduce The ‘Fair Play Charter’ for all.
  • Build on a FATE Code of Conduct for all.
  • Build an increasing amount of supporting affiliates pertinent to our trade’s sector.
  • Continue giving members support via our charity – FAST.
  • To expand the scope of the FAST charity capturing a larger audience.
  • Continue to support members in all ways.
  • Introduce and build on a training plan for young workers and apprentices.
  • Clear a route and assist with access to work for all.
  • To work with allied Trade Organisations for a better future on all fronts.

Many of the above actions and subsequent results can be followed on social media and in the member’s area here on the web site as well as in newsletters sent to the FATE members.  However we introduce here a few words about passing on the CITB levy deduction to impress the importance of working hard together to stamp it out.

CITB & illicit deductions

From the subcontractors and smaller companies pay packets.  This is ‘sharp practise’ at best and downright immoral as we already know.  We campaign to stamp out the deducting of the levy from the subcontractors on the ground.  Passing on the levy the bigger contractors pay is unfair and unlawful.

We initiated a campaign here and implore you that if you want to be heard you add your signature and help to make some noise.

Under the 1982 Industrial Training Act, CITB is the only organisation authorised to collect the construction levy from employers in the industry.

Main contractors are not allowed to deduct money from workers’ wages (both PAYE and Net CIS) on CITB’s behalf.  Even if the worker has agreed to it beforehand, it’s highly questionable and study is pointing toward it forming an illegal contract by law.

This is explained in the 1996 Employment Rights Act, which says that:

  • the deduction must be authorised under the workers contract, or
  • the worker must previously agree to it in writing.

These deductions, no matter what they are called made by other employers are not payments of levy.  It is simply a way of the relevant party reducing the amount due on a subcontractors payment.  The Industrial Training legislation does not give employers the power to pass on their own levy liability to their subcontractors.

Many contractors do not understand or flagrantly ignore and accept their own responsibility to pay any levy and then attempt to get subcontractors to accept misleading deductions from the sums properly due for their work.

Campaign here to help to stamp this unfair practise out.

The CITB have their own directive on the position which can be viewed here.

Whilst writing about deductions we though it useful to link to some further valuable advice.  This article will allow you more insight into the current law surrounding the withholding of payments.

Get Assessed – Get Qualified

Register with our affiliate assessors and get the ball rolling.  By registering and paying the initial fee of £180.00 you are then entitled to a red CSCS card whilst assessment for your full NVQ is undertaken.  This effectively buys you some breathing space but we recommend you act swiftly regardless so you can move forward in a more correct and recognised manner.  The red CSCS card lasts just ONE YEAR so act quickly so you’re not caught out when it expires.  Contact Sam Downton on 07920 282067 to find out more.

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